Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to: Save Money on Flashlight Batteries While Hunting

Step 1 -  On a chilly, windless day, take a youngish child to the deer woods for the first time.  For this occasion, my 12 year old daughter Madeleine worked out just fine.

Step 2 - Spend a delightful afternoon in a tree stand until about 10-15 minutes after shooting light.  (Make sure you demonstrate to the child how to move at precisely the wrong time to scare off the only deer seen in the afternoon.)

Step 3 - Wait for a LARGE and VOCAL pack of coyotes to begin howling about 100-200 yards away.

Step 4 - Wait until the child's face transitions from concern to immeasurable terror.

Step 5 - Climb down from the stand into the pitch-black woods and venture back to camp letting the whites of her eyes lead the way.

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