Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I'll take 'Deer I Would Not Eat' for $1,000, Alex"

Our neighborhood is surrounded by large tracts of woods and it quite common to see deer and other woodlands fauna.  Our neighbor put a deer feeder behind his fence which usually has a great deal of traffic in the evenings.

Earlier this week, THIS guy came walking out.  (We call him Job.)

At first I thought it was a bush in front on him but it moved when he moved.  (It actually jiggled when he moved.)  Perhaps he had survived a high shoulder shot with an arrow???  After I got the binoculars and then a camera with a zoom lens, I realized it was some sort of tumor or other growth and it was not limited to one area.  (under his chin, around his left eye (not seen above) and between his back legs, etc.).

I looked this up and it appears to be a "cutaneous fibroma" caused by a certain type of virus.  Apparently it is only a skin disease and the meat, in theory, should be fine.  The key word in that sentence is "theory"....  I don't even think my friend Chris the Cajun would eat that.

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