Monday, August 29, 2011

I think I'll have the Redfish

A few weeks back, I went fishing with a buddy.  It was a balmy 107 degrees on the Texas Gulf Coast but we still managed to have a good time.

The only keeper for the day was a nice, fat, 19" flounder which eventually became intimate with an oven and garlic infused butter.  It was delicious and the family all commented on my angling skills and how we missed fresh fish.

A few days later, a new issue of Texas Saltwater Fishing magazine arrived in the mail with a smiling angler holding a beautiful redfish on the cover.  My loving wife looked at it for a second and announced, quite casually....  "Next time you go out, you need to bring home some redfish".

My wife is probably the smartest person I know (and she still married me) but I was shocked by this proclamation.  Did she not know that "bringing home some redfish" was ALWAYS the goal?  Has she not realized that one good fishing trip is offset by at least 12 others where (i) you were skunked, (ii) someone did not put the plug in the boat, (ii) you, a buddy and his young son almost DIED in Lake Sommerville with white caps dancing across the lake or (iv) you, your kayak, all your gear and a not-big-enough anchor are literally sucked into the Intracoastal Canal by a heavy laden barge displacing more water than Rosie O'Donnell in a bikini?

I attempted to explain to her that fishing is NOT like going to H.E.B., walking up to the seafood counter and placing your order but for some reason, the statement did not seem to register.  Like many times, we were talking but not really communicating.

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