Sunday, February 5, 2012

And THIS Little Piggy took a 150 grain Bullet Through the Shoulders!

Since they had nothing better to do, the Texas Legislature recently passed laws allowing "feral hog hunting from helicopters".  While this does not quality as "hunting" in my book, it is cool nonetheless since it involves (a) guns and (b) helicopters.  Plus, it is probably one of the more effective ways of dealing with the feral hog problem.  (See cool video below)

Before anyone gets all judgmental on the Man in the Woods, feral hogs, whether you care to admit it or not, are literally a plague in Texas and other parts of the country.  They cause millions in crop damage, have decimated the native turkey and quail populations in many areas (these birds nest on the ground), eats tons of native frogs, toads, and snakes and compete aggressively for food with deer and other native species.  This is the root of such insults as "You are as ugly as a hog" or "You eat like a pig" or "You are as useless as teats on a boar".  

It has been stated that feral hogs are basically four-legged fire ants that breed like rabbits.  Most rural places either HAVE a feral hog problem or WILL HAVE a feral hog problem.

While exceedingly fun and thrilling to still-hunt or spot-and-stalk them, individual hunters simply cannot put a dent in their population growth.  Massive trapping and aerial cropping programs can help but this is a war that cannot be won, just managed.  Where I hunt, all are shot on sight for the reasons listed above.

Warning, the video below might bother some folks but if you are one of those folks, you probably should not read this blog.  'nough said.  It is long but worth watching when you have time

For an excellent overview of the feral hog problem in Texas, please see the Texas Parks and Wildlife brochure, The Feral Hog in Texas.

A Man in the Woods

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