Monday, June 4, 2012

Hunting with Craig Boddington

A friend and I had a chat the other day about.... shocker.... hunting.  I made some comment about how much I enjoyed Craig Boddington's articles and that he seemed pretty down-to-earth considering he might be the coolest guy on the planet.  (I'll be the first to admit, I might have a man-crush on him.)

It seems most writers are not willing or comfortable talking about poor judgement, missed shots, getting buck-fever or getting scared... but Craig is more than willing to do so.

The conversation led to us sorta laughing about how it would actually be hard to share a hunting camp with him since he would ALWAYS have a cooler, better, or more danger-filled story than anyone else around the camp fire.  No, its never about a competition but it would be challenging to want to share anything since you are sitting right there next to CRAIG BODDINGTON!!!!  I could just see it now:

You have a story about a really nice shot you made on a squirrel last Fall.  He has a story about an Asiatic jungle cat. Your buddy tells a story about twisting an ankle on an elk hunt that really hurt.  Craig shares a story about killing a Marco Polo sheep while nursing a broken leg.  You talk about the time a few years back you were so cold and shaking so hard that you were not sure you could shoot even if you had to.  Craig tells a tale about killing a musk ox and having to sleep in its body cavity that night so as not to freeze to death.

You can imagine how long this would go on before it got really, really quiet...

A Man in the Woods

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