Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Some Bucks Don't Participate in the Rut

As mentioned previously, we live on the extreme outskirts of Houston, TX.  (My wife refers to it as the "country" but she also refers to a yellow, 1969 Corvette with black racing stripes as just "a car", proof she is not always right.)  Our neighborhood is surrounded by large tracts of undeveloped land so it is not uncommon to see deer in the neighborhood at night.

The other night I was driving home at dusk.  The headlights illuminated (lit-up if you are from East Texas) several deer feeding in a yard.  There were the usual groups of does, young fawns and a goofy looking young spike.  There were also 2 other deer.... 2 really big deer..... 2 large, good looking bucks with heads full of antlers and shoulders like linebackers.

One buck, the slightly thinner, leaner one (I'd guess to be 2.5 - 3.5 years old) was in unstoppable pursuit of a hot doe.  He simply would not leave her alone.  She was obviously at or near her "breeding window" and the buck was relentless.  (Yes, by the way, I stop, block traffic and watch these sorts of things when I can.)  He'd chase her across the street, back to the other deer, into another yard and then back across another street.  What was interesting is the obviously older, heavier, more mature buck was completely and totally uninterested in this doe.

What was so appealing that he would forgo the possibility of sex/breeding???

Acorns.  Lots and lots of acorns.

The old-man buck was sucking down acorns faster than Rosie O'Donnell can inhale a sleeve of Rolos.  He almost seemed panicked.

It then hit me how much animals and humans are alike.  Similar to dog-years, I think deer age the equivalent of 10 years per human year (i.e. deer years... not to be confused with deer miles from Lesson #8).  The 2.5 year old buck (human equivalent of a 25 year old testosterone driven male) was interested in one thing and it was not food.  The old-man buck, the equivalent of a 70 year old man with a bad back, was having no part of it and looked ready for a nap.

It seems the libido slowly but steadily transitions into the li-cheeto in deer, just like with us humans.


A Man in the Woods

Monday, October 8, 2012

Even more proof Pigs are Evil...

Authorities believe Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs

Carnivore = eater of meat
Herbivore = eater of plants
Omnivore = eater of anything not nailed down


A Man in the Woods