Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Subtle Things That Make a Hunt Memorable

I had the pleasure of being invited on a last minute duck hunt this past weekend with my buddy Robert.  Unlike me, Robert knows a great deal about waterfowl, ducks, geese, decoys, decoy spreads, hunting dogs, calls, quacks and whistles.

The hunt was overall great with 4 hunters taking 18 birds.  There are already meals planned as a result.

But two things really, truly stood out in my mind.  Watching ducks respond to calls, circle the spread a few times while you hold you breath, afraid to move and then finally commit to landing with cupped wings as they glide through the crisp, cool air was truly mesmerizing.  Several times I caught myself stating out loud how beautiful the entire chain of events was.

The other thing which was beautiful to watch was Robert's dog Milo.  Robert has obviously worked a great deal with Milo and it was truly impressive to see the two interact with each other.  Milo's enthusiasm for his role and response to whistles and hand signals helped me forget I did not wear enough clothing for the weather.

It was simply a wonderful day to be alive and with like minded folks.

Milo the Swamp Hound in action!

A Man in the Woods (and sometimes in a rice field)

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