Monday, March 18, 2013

Tusk Differences in Boar and Sow Feral Hogs

This blog post is a bit more scientific and serious in nature.

At our hunting camp recently, it was "debated" whether sows have tucks (exaggerated canines) like boars.  I have not seen enough dead, older sows to really know.  (By the way, EVERYTHING from rifle calibers to chainsaw techniques to grilling to game cleaning is "debated" at the camp.)

I found this cool Australian scientific paper which discusses aging boars and sows with the following pictures.

So now we know.

A link to the PDF of the article is found below.


A Man in the Woods

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Joe Biden Talks Out his Orifice

Observations on a Recent Video on Gun Control

1.  Joe Biden is a complete and total fool.  Yes, we all knew this but his stupidity is actually palpable here. But if you say it with enough conviction, someone will believe you....

2.  The interviewer has GOT the be the most effeminate "man" (a term I use loosely here) I've ever heard.  Seriously, that is your voice?  I'd swallow some rusty fishhooks to deepen it a bit.

3.  Boyfriends and husbands can be jerks when it come to letting others experience recoil from a shotgun.

4.  Never let any gun get a "running start" at your shoulder.

5.  Note how the shooter of the AR rifle (which makes its debut at ~1:30) is cautious at first and then realizes there is nothing to it.

Who do you think will be more confident in a moment of crisis. This shooter or one of the earlier ones who was hit in the face with a 12 gauge?


A Man in the Woods

Monday, March 4, 2013

MidwayUSA Hits Two Milestones

 I'm a big fan of MidwayUSA and try to buy from them as often as possible.  The other day the following email was found in my inbox.

All I can say is The Potterfields and MidwayUSA are truly a class act.

Dear Valued Customer,

Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSAOne million is an attention-getting number, no matter what the circumstances. At MidwayUSA, Brenda and I - along with the MidwayUSA Employees - have celebrated a good many 'one million' milestones during the last 35+ years.
In 1983, our seventh year in business, we reached the milestone of one million dollars in business during a single calendar year. 2008 was the first year we filled one million orders for our Customers. In 2012 your NRA "Round-Up" contributions, through MidwayUSA, exceeded one million dollars during that single year. Please note that NRA "Round-Up" contributions come from you, our Customers, and each week since 1992 we have sent your contributions directly to the NRA/ILA National Endowment for the Protection of the 2nd Amendment. Our Customers should get all the credit for that, we just collect and remit your money. Now, in March of 2013 came another milestone to celebrate - one million active Customers - Customers who have ordered from MidwayUSA during the last twelve months. For a country kid from Missouri, that's an amazing milestone.
I believe our vision to be the best-run, most-respected business in America, for the benefit of our Customers, our family values and our relentless pursuit of Customer Satisfaction are what brought us to this milestone of one million active Customers. Brenda and I, along with all the Employees at MidwayUSA, thank you very much for your support.
As you might imagine, we gave quite a bit of thought as to how we could celebrate. Should we choose our one millionth active Customer and give he or she a special gift? Well, we could have done that, but all of our Customers are equally important, not just the one who put us over the top. Then someone came up with the idea that we should donate $1 to the NRA for each of our active Customers. Well, let's see, what is $1 times one million?
And so it was! On Monday morning about 10am, when we went over one million active Customers, MidwayUSA authorized our bank to send a wire transfer of one million dollars to the NRA/ILA National Endowment for the Protection of the 2nd Amendment; because we can and because we should.
Thanks a Million!
Larry PotterfieldLarry Potterfield
Larry Potterfield,
Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA


A Man in the Woods