Thursday, March 7, 2013

Joe Biden Talks Out his Orifice

Observations on a Recent Video on Gun Control

1.  Joe Biden is a complete and total fool.  Yes, we all knew this but his stupidity is actually palpable here. But if you say it with enough conviction, someone will believe you....

2.  The interviewer has GOT the be the most effeminate "man" (a term I use loosely here) I've ever heard.  Seriously, that is your voice?  I'd swallow some rusty fishhooks to deepen it a bit.

3.  Boyfriends and husbands can be jerks when it come to letting others experience recoil from a shotgun.

4.  Never let any gun get a "running start" at your shoulder.

5.  Note how the shooter of the AR rifle (which makes its debut at ~1:30) is cautious at first and then realizes there is nothing to it.

Who do you think will be more confident in a moment of crisis. This shooter or one of the earlier ones who was hit in the face with a 12 gauge?


A Man in the Woods


  1. First off, if you stand straight upright or even lean slightly backwards while you touch off a're going down just like these women.

    Second, yeah Biden was extraordinarily stupid with that statement. If you fire two blasts into the air with a double barreled shotgun: you now have an unloaded weapon! That gun isn't quite so scary when you know it's not loaded...

    The best advice I heard that goes along with what Biden might have been trying to say was to fire the first shot into the ground near the intruder. It is a warning shot but it is also easy for investigators to find and, therefore, prove to the courts that you gave the guy a warning shot before pumping him full of lead. Of course, a little thing called the Castle Doctrine states that you don't have to do this.

    Still, you have several choices to arm your woman. If it's a shotgun, pick a 20 or 410. They are less powerful but they kick less and the gal can probably shoot it better. Shot placement is THE most important function of how good a weapon is.

    I say: get a Circuit Judge she has 5 shots as fast as she can pull the trigger. If 410 seems a little light, load it with 45 Colt hollowpoints.

    1. Castle Doctrine... I'm so glad I live in Texas where "He needed kiillin' " can be a viable defense.