Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Girl and her Gun

My youngest has a continued and growing interest in the woods, hunting, and spending time with good ol' dad.  She is always up for going on a hike, working on a deer stand, learning about nature or shooting at the rifle range.

Unfortunately, she comes from a long line of Lilliputians and, like her mom and dad, is height-challenged.  As a result, even the smallest rifle I own is far too big for her 8 year old, 51lb frame.  To shoot this Marlin .22, she had to put the butt under her arm and practically hold her head sideways to see through the scope.

Since no one should have to suffer like this when it comes to shooting, Jill received, for MY birthday, her very own rifle -- a Savage Rascal, a 2.5lb, 16" barrel, 31" long, .22LR single shot.  While Savage unfortunately makes this rifle in 7 horrifically garish colors, I went with the only viable choice, the wooden stock.

I asked her to open the gun case while I got some other supplies.  She walked around the end of the truck with a look of surprise on her face, and asked why the rifle had a bow on it.  When she realized it was for her, I thought her face would crack she was smiling so hard.

She is still learning and will not be turned loose with it for some time but just having a stock that comes close to fitting her makes a huge difference.

After our shooting session and on the drive home, I asked her is she liked it.  She proclaimed, "If this rifle was a person, I'd marry it".

I guess it doesn't get much better than that.

A Man in the Woods

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