Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When Idiots Attack

Not that is is ever funny when someone dies but I think 99.7% of the people who read A Man in the Woods (Voted the #1 blog by people named Larry) simply like it when people receive swift justice.

Below is a video of a guy minding his own business and a thug.

Since there is no audio, I thought I'd add dialog /director's notes as I suspect how this little incident when down.

0:02  (Guy, walking towards camera, with purpose but not in a hurry)

0:16  (Guy leaves building through door to return to vehicle only to remember he did not lock the door)  "Darn it" (muttered under breath to no one in particular)

0:28 (thug #1 and thug #2 pull up on street; Guy might suspect there is a problem and returns to vehicle)

0:34  (thug#1 makes his appearance; observant Guy probably sees him in the mirror)

0:36 (Guy, being a man of action, sticks his hand out the window, buying himself precious time while he retrieves his favorite concealed carry piece he affectionately refers to as "Minerva")

0:37 (unthwarted, thug #1 continues attack, brandishing a pistol)  "GIMMAYOWALLET"

0:38 (thug #2 enters scene to help thug #1)

0:39  BAM! (note dust on wall as bullet continues through thug #1's sternum, aorta and right lung taking out  vertebrae T5 and T6)

0:39.2 (thug #2 spontaneously urinates just a bit)

0:39.3 (thug #2 does exactly one jumping jack)

0:39.5  BAM! (Guy fires an insurance shot just in case but misses, hitting wall; it was not needed since thug #1 does not yet know he is in fact, dead)

0:41 (thug #1 is down, hard.  At least it was quick, much better the lingering)

0:45  (Guy exits vehicle cautiously and approaches the soon-to-be-body)

1:11 (perplexed idiot in street almost gets hit by bus)

1:15 (Guy kicks gun out of the way but not too far since the thug #1 is pretty much dead)

1:28 (Guy starts to retrieve phone to call his wife with the "I'm gonna be a little late tonight" call)


A Man who sometimes is on the Street and hopes his reactions are as quick as Guy in the event the excrement hits the fan but Who Would Rather be in the Woods

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