Thursday, July 4, 2013

Of Ice and Ants

On a recent trip to the woods, the "plan" was to hunt for just an hour or two and then do some work.

Why is it when you have LOADS of time to hunt, you don't see anything but when you are pressed for time, you will kill something only to set yourself further behind schedule by having to clean the animal?  Such is life.

To say I was unprepared on this trip would be an understatement.  I had a pig on the ground, no decent knife with me (forgot to put it back in my day pack) and very little ice.  Luckily, I keep a spare knife in the truck and had the pig in the cooler relatively quickly.  The tiny bit of ice was added to the cooler and the entire thing was placed under my open tailgate to keep it out of the sun until I could get a bag of ice.

This was a mistake that will not be repeated in the future.

Upon returning to the camp to pack up and ice down the meat, I opened to cooler to find about 3,000 new friends.  Fire Ants, the other imported scourge of the South had discovered the pig parts in the cooler and wasted no time in spreading the word.  The parts in the tiny bit of ice/water were fine but the exposed parts were teeming with ants!

I knocked off what I could, packed up and as quickly as possible dumped 20lbs of ice on the entire mess.

Luckily, anyone who might be sharing a meal from this particular swine was not home and I was able to wash off the insects and scrape away the stragglers while I boned out the meat.

If any one asked, I plan to simply say any remaining specs are "just pepper".


A Man in the Woods

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  1. AND I ATE THIS?!? You said a couple! That looks seasoned!