Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Real Reason why Feral Hogs have such Bad Attitudes

I think I may have discovered why feral hogs, especially the big boars, have such a bad attitude... dental disease!

Below are the tusks that I painstakingly removed from the last big boar I dispatched.  (link to a pic)  (I might write a post on this "method" if there is an interest.)

One tusk in the photos below (right or bottom) is "normal" and what I was expecting see.  The portion above the gumline is solid with a hollow area deep within the jaw where the tooth is formed.

The other tusk had an area of decay its entire length that even affected the socket and the formation of the tooth.  The paper thin root of the tooth is turned in on itself and there is what appears to have been an active infection within the jaw too.  I assume this was a constant, ongoing source of pain for this animal.

I have no idea if this was the result of an injury, decay that started at the tip or something else altogether.


A Man in the Woods

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