Friday, June 20, 2014

When Pigs Attack - Compilation Video

This was shared with me and was just too good to not include on A Man in the Woods.

Top 10 things I learned from watching this video:
  1. It is better to shoot a charging pig PRIOR to him running into you versus nearly blowing off your foot.
  2. Bow hunting hogs, on the ground, is not smart.
  3. Using your BOW as a weapon is not very effective.
  4. You cannot outrun a pig you've previously tried to kill with an arrow.  He will chase you, knock  you down and hurt you.  Do not be surprised.
  5. It is VERY important to carry a sidearm AT YOUR SIDE when in the woods.  Always, always, always.
  6. Pigs, and especially large boars, are faster and more agile than you could ever imagine.
  7. Fighting off a pig with your bare hands is not smart either.
  8. Dogs are both brave and stupid.
  9. Boar tusks cut human flesh more cleanly than you'd initially think.
  10. Using the lid of a cooler to bash a large boar in the head (i) is ineffective and (ii) WILL not improve his attitude.


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Sunday, June 15, 2014


You can never really be too safe...

Survivor of a quail hunting accident talks about safety and awareness.

A Man in the Woods