Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fanboy for Nikon Glass

Below is the note I was forced to write last year.


Hello Nikon,

I want to warn you, you are corresponding with an idiot.

Long story short:  On 11/22/13, I was hunting out of box blind in TX.  My Nikon 16X binoculars (along with my 8x Nikon Monach binocs and my Nikon 3x9 Buckmaster scope on a Ruger .270) helped me connect with a beautiful 5.5-6.5 year old buck 10 point buck.  I was excited after the shot and quickly  packed my gear and got out of the stand.  After dealing with the buck, I went back to camp to share the story with my fellow hunters and get the deer on ice.

I did not realize that I left the 16X binocs in the stand until 6 days later when I was packing up for a hunt with my 15 year old daughter.  It had rained and rained and rained in the earlier part of the week and the binoculars obviously got wet.  They are now fogged internally and I'm afraid they might be ruined.

Can I send these in for repair or service work?  You have my permission to make fun of me and question my intellect if necessary.

Many thanks.

Larry Hope


Nikon, for the princely sum of ~$15, took the binoculars apart, cleaned, serviced, repaired and returned them to me good as new!


A Man in the Woods

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  1. I'm glad your posting again! I really enjoy reading your stories. Thanks for the info. I have Nikon glass and I get dumb like that too.