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Product Review: Mosquito Magnet Liberty

Honestly, I'm a generally laid-back kinda a guy.  I give people the benefit of the doubt, assume most people are good and honest until proven otherwise and try to live and let live (unless we are talking about fire ants, protein-eating raccoons and feral hogs).

However, I've grow increasingly tired and less tolerant of poor quality products that do not perform anywhere near the expectations set for ME by the MANUFACTURER.

A few years back, I purchased a contraption called a Mosquito Magnet to help reduce these pests in the back yard.  The concept is simple.  Burn small amount of propane to (i) generate heat, (ii) emit CO2 and (iii) generally give the impression of a big, ugly, blood laden cow to attract hungry, female mosquitoes to their demise.

Below is the Amazon review I ultimately left after the 1,000 day experiment.  Using the Amazon rating system, I gave it one (1) star which is exactly two (2) stars too many.  Negative stars or anti-matters were not options.  On the AMITW's Irritation Scale, it receives the highest rating of five (5) Itchy Welts.

My unbiased, non-sarcastic, level-headed review can be found below or HERE at Amazon.


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1.0 out of 5 stars The Machine Stinks on the IceJuly 19, 2011
This review is from: Mosquito Magnet MM3200 Independence Mosquito Trap (Lawn & Patio)
I've owned this model for 3 years. 

Year 1 -- The original unit did not work at all and had to be exchanged for a new one. The replacement unit ran fine but was a challenge to get started on tank exchanges, etc. Sometimes it would take 12+ attempts to get it to fire up. 

Year 2 -- Unit was pretty much dead. I tried every trick in the book short of bribery and prostitution to coax it to life. No luck. Luckily, I kept the original box, had to go through the pain of requesting a return authorization code, packing and shipping it, etc. The main controller (brain) had to be replaced. Unit ran fine rest of summer after taking its summer vacation (while we were busy contracting malaria). 

Year 3 -- After praying to the mosquito gods, I was able to get it fired up and use two tanks of propane. Life is good, right. NO! The tiny, little, inconsequential ON/OF switch has become shorted out. IF I would press it on a certain side and while holding my tongue a certain way... maybe, just maybe, it would turn back on only to NOT have the machine fire up and start burning propane. If I hit the lid hinge a certain way while having pleasant thoughts, the start-up light / LED would flicker. If I hit it harder, it would stay on for a fraction of a second longer. Sensing I was on to something, I eventually put my hand through the lid.

A long list of adjectives could be used to describe how I felt at that precise moment but "pleased" was not among them. I will NOT point out the irony of being actually bitten by a mosquito WHILE I'M TRYING TO FIX THE DEVICE I PURCHASED TO AVOID BEING BITTEN BY MOSQUITOES.

1. WHEN you manage to get it running, it catches mosquitoes as advertised.

1. Mosquito Magnet management for continuing to sell a defective, poorly engineered device. Check out the other feedback here and elsewhere. My experience is not unusual.
2. Components are very, very delicate. I've had issues with electronics, plastics and metals.
3. If you can get it to run, set up a perimeter fence around it with armed guards to prevent it from being bumped or otherwise disturbed.

This is arguably the most delicate, finicky piece of equipment I have ever owned. I would not wish this unit on my most hated enemy. Its use would not be condoned by the Geneva Convention. This was a gigantic waste of money. Do yourself a favor and do not buy one. Please.


Of course, contacting the company prior to the above diatribe only resulted in me being told that it was no longer under warranty and, essentially, I was to bug off.


A Man in the Woods

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  1. Ahh thankee, I was thinking about buying one of those as they are getting discounted right now.