Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Man in the Woods Word of the Day: Gutaminate




transitive verb

: to make (something) dangerous, dirty, inedible or impure by cutting with a knife previously used to field dress an animal which may not have been adequately washed.

Examples of GUTAMINATE

"Dude, you just gutaminated my sandwich!  When was the last time you washed that knife?"


Middle Texan, from Recneckian gutaminatus, past participle of gutaminare;
First Known Use: early 21st century


A Man in the Woods

Thursday, December 11, 2014

For all the Cops, Police and Members of Law Enforcement out there.... THANK YOU!

This blog entry has nothing to do with hunting or fishing.

It has everything to do with being a human, being ethical, doing what is right, staying out of trouble and saying thanks to those few individuals in our society who do what they can to protect us.

Below is an embedded YouTube video.  It is a compilation of several cops getting hit, punched, set on fire, run over, kicked in the head, shot in the chest and even shot, execution style, in the head.

It is disturbing.

It is graphic.

It is not fun to watch (well, the end of the video is when some of the useless bags of excrement get taken down).  Also, the audio in the background contains some colorful language not appropriate for all audiences.

Every one of these people, men and women, are loved by someone.  Fathers, brothers, husbands, mothers, sisters and wives.  They all went to work that day, like hundreds of times in the past, expecting a normal day.  They probably thought about plans for the up and coming weekend, dinner that evening or their kid's baseball team.  Now they are dead or permanently handicapped.

I've had some really bad days at work but I've NEVER had anyone try to kill me (I can't, however, say I've not had thoughts about the death of others, but I digress).  The worst that could statistically happen to me is a really bad paper cut or twisting an ankle in the stairwell, not taking a bullet to the chest.

I'm not going to sit here and write that there has never been a bad cop.  They are people and people are flawed.  There are bound to be some bad apples in the mix.  But, by and large, 99.99872% of them are solid folks doing a job most of us could not do or would want to do.  I suspect they have the lowest crime rates for just about any group of professionals on the planet.

Have I had a cop treat me rudely?  Sure.  Give me a ticket when I thought it was not justified?  Absolutely.  But even in a moment of anger or irritation, I'm deeply appreciative for them.

Its why I am a member of the 100 Club and why, very recently, I started buying coffee, lunch, dinner, etc. for cops (and firefighters too!) when I have a chance.  Literally, it is the least I can do to help show my appreciation.

So please, kind readers, next time you see a cop or are stopped by one... tell them, sincerely, "thank you".

Lessons learned from this video:
  • Cops aren't paid enough to deal with the crap they have to deal with. 
  • Don't break the law and you will not get arrested.
  • Don't break the law and the cops will not beat the crap out of you.
  • Don't attack the cop and the cop will not shoot you, taz you, spray you with pepper spray, sick the dogs on you, hit you with a Billy Club or run your sorry thug arse over with a car in an effort to disarm you.
  • Taking a swing at a cop rarely, if ever, works out well.
  • K-9 dogs are shockingly fast and, in my opinion, should not be called off... ever once they have the thug on the ground.

A Man in the Woods