Monday, January 12, 2015

Marriage Enhancing Moves of a Duck Hunter: Evidence

When his wife returned from her trip, all seemed relatively normal at first.  Perhaps her husband had a calm, normal time by himself after all.  The laundry was done, kitchen was clean, he had even bathed the much hated 3-legged dog.  Yes, everything seemed in order.

But little things seemed off.  There was a little extra spring in his step.  He seemed to daydream with a far away look in his eye more than normal.

Another woman?   Perhaps, but unlikely.

A secret, hidden purchase?  A new rifle?  No, this was different.

The telltale duck feather in the kitchen sink was all the evidence she needed.  Her special fear was realized.... he had been cleaning game in the kitchen again while she was away.


A Man in the Woods (and in the Swamp sometimes too!)

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