Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bald Eagle Dies with Congestive Heart Failure after Eating Obese Cat

I read a recent an article about Bald Eagles hunting, killing and eating house cats.  (Link below:  It includes a boring video of a cat getting stalked but not eaten and another video of a Bald Eagle returning to its nest with a very dead cat named Trixie.)

The following excerpt from the article caught my attention:

Pet owners in Vancouver Island are watching the skies and corralling their cats after a video of a bald eagle stalking a domestic feline began making the rounds last week.

CTV News reports that the footage shows just one instance of what appears to be a growing problem of bald eagles preying on small pets. Resident Jasmine Myers said that an eagle had no trouble attacking and carrying away her 22-pound cat Emo last year. “It does happen,” she told reporters. “They’re actively hunting all the time. You’ll see actual warnings online all the time to get your pets because the eagles are hunting now.”

Holy Toledo!!!  Are you sure his name was not Lardo.  22lbs!  What a hoss!  I think the Audubon Society should sue the cat's owner for giving a Bald Eagle a hernia or contributing to his demise via heart disease.

What I really find shocking about all of this is people are shocked that Bald Eagles hunt, kill and eat small furry animals.  Why would your cat or small dog or chinchilla NOT be on the menu?


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