Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pre-Medical Career Training

Our youngest daughter (11 years old) tells us she wants to be a surgeon.

I've worked in the medical field my entire adult life.  I mentioned to her there are a LOT more men surgeons than women.  My theory is little boys and little girls play differently and boys tend to develop comfort in mechanical things and fine-motor skills and girls, overall, do not.  (Obviously both are completely capable.)

I tell her if she wants to be a surgeon, great ... but she needs to get comfortable with tools, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, and of course blood and guts.

To help stoke these fires, I bought her a cheap discretion kit off Amazon.  She immediately took to dismantling bananas and other common household items with tweezers and scalpels.  She then begged for something more real and wants to buy a chicken (not a live one; a grocery store variety).

I made the mistake of telling her I used to dissect frogs in biology class.  She then lobbies for me to buy her some dead frogs from a biological supply house.

"No... we have dozen of frogs and toads around here. They come to their ends through a variety of means. We are not BUYING dead frogs".

We speak of this topic no more.

Weeks go by.

This past weekend, by beautiful wife removes a bag from a freezer only to discover it contains 3 very dead and very frozen frogs.

When confronted with the accusation, the 11 year snaps to attention and inquired... "You didn't throw those away, did you!!?"

My wife, used to finding various parts of dead animals in freezers (including but not limited to duck wings, sandhill crane wings, deer heads and hog heads) must have not heard her because she never answered the question but simply walked away with her head hung low.


A Man with a Freezer

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