About Me

I'm Larry (a.k.a. The Idiot).  I did not really grow up hunting and fishing so once I discovered it in my early adult years, I felt compelled to make up for what I missed as a kid.

I have an interesting yet uneventful office type job but dream of being outside as much as possible.  I assume I am among the legions of desk jockeys who constantly dream of their next hunting or fishing event.

Why am I writing a blog?  Am I so arrogant as to think that my opinion and view on things is SOOOOO unique that the world would quit spinning on its axis if I did not enlighten others?????

Well.... not exactly.  I've had some people tell me they liked my little stories and near death experiences over they years so I thought I'd share.  I've always like reading, writing and some folks tell me I'm funny at times (of course, some folks tell me I'm an a$$ too).

While about hunting and fishing, this blog is NOT about caliber worship, killing, booking a guide service or how to pack out an elk off a mountain in a Datsun B210 (actually, I WOULD write about that!).  It is specifically meant to take a look at the lighter side or highlight an alternative perspective on the Great Outdoors.  If one person enjoys one story or post and it puts a smile on a face, I consider the entire exercise a success.

I hope you enjoy it.